Need A DL Bible College Ex Affordable And Accredited!


I need a distance learning bible college that is extremely affordable and accredited!

First off let me describe my situation. I am thirty one years old and certainly tired of waiting to advance in my Christian faith. I need facts and I need them now! So please give me as much detailed information as you possibly can.

I just got married in July and my wife and I are staying with family in a rather large house. We do not have much as bills with no children but are hungry for the Lord. I have made plenty of money in the past and can do again in the future if I needed to; but that is not where the Lord will have me. That is just an empty road. I have learned that money doesn’t bring happiness nor does it keep out the rain. I am currently working part time making much less and she might be getting another second part time job to make ends meet and save some money.

What I am trying to say is that we are in the situation by choice entirely. We are trying to save are pennies; get our certifications; degrees and have time for ourselves while at the same time spend time with family. We are by no means hurting but also by no means well off. She already has a degree and is currently seeking a certification and I am going to a community college for business world and working part time.

What I need is a real and practical solution to a bible college that is accredited and realistic; and what I mean realistic is extremely affordable with a good reputation. I am looking for a college to where I can take classes at a reasonable rate or at my own pace. Take a few here and there part time or full time or maybe even just one at a time. As far as prices go anything close to 400 or even 200 is absolutely crazy per credit hour. I mean how in the world is someone suppose to be able to afford 1200.00 per class. I can be somewhat flexible on some of these things but I need a good balance of everything. I wouldn’t mind actual books too and not just CDs or mp3s. I think someone else mentioned that once before. Also someone else said you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well it 2011 with technology today I would think you could have your cake and eat it too but I could be wrong. So if I am just hit it between my eyes and tell me my facts.

To sum it up I am just looking for a clean good bible college that is accredited with a good reputation so that when I am finished with all of my schooling in any capacity with my secular degree and my biblical degree I can go in any direction God has for me. I do not want to end up creek without a paddle because I made the wrong decision and cut corners. Money is a concern because if it is expensive I just can’t go. And where does that leave me?

Considerations from raw internet searching:


Moody Bible Institute / Global University / South African Theological Seminary / Etc …


Andersonville Theological / Columbia Evangelical Seminary / Etc …

The above credited options are still between 150-200 per semester hour. So basically even the cheaper accredited colleges are going to cost me over 500.00 per class? Are you serious? How is anyone suppose to afford that? Or do I just have the all wrong?

The non-accredited schools seem to be my only financial solution needing any under 100.00 per credit hour. One just takes the chance that his Biblical Degree might not have as much meaning as his accredited counterpart.

I guess what I am thinking if I am looking at this for more of hobby reasons like casual discipleship for the Lord in my church and personal growth the non-accredited colleges would be a fine choice? Or would they? If I wanted to one day branch out and do something professional for the Lord I would need to go into debt and partake in a more expensive school? Is that what everyone is telling me?

Well anyhow thank you so much for taking the time in reading my thread. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated and well taken. So let’s blow up this thread and figure some things out.


Hello everyone! I am back.

I still have not made a decision. However, I am ready to pull the trigger on something ASAP.

Since I created this thread I have learned a lot and have been blessed a lot.

I have started a community group in my local church, got a fabulous job and have been saving money, and have a baby on the way.

I am no longer trying to ever keep up with the Jones's or try to get the best of the best. I 100% just want a solid distance learning online program that is NOT accredited. I just care about reputation and honor. That if I graduate from their program that it will be respected and people will know that I received a good education.

I have already completed my BA with a 4.0, I am looking for a Master Degree.

I would go to Moody in a heart beat by here is no way I am paying 400.00 per credit hour for about 1200.00 per class. Not in this world.

So if you guys don't mind, I am looking for something extremely affordable because I am doing this just because I feel it is on my heart from God. I am looking at it like advance bible study with a certificate on the side after completing. Don't really want to pay an arm and a leg for that.

Please let me know what everyone thinks. It would be greatly appreciated.


That is what I am more leaning towards. Something a lot more affordable but respectable. I am more or less looking for something that is like an advance bible study for myself but I get a certificate at the end. However, I do not want to attend a Diploma Mill either.

Anyone else have any new schools that are affordable and yet respectable? Does not necessarily need to be accredited. Just at least have a good reputation of producing good Christian Students with sound doctrine.
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We have many Bible colleges and seminaries in the province in which I live. I found that website that may give you a list of most of them. It is:
Alberta Christian Colleges and Seminaries

Another site I found: Online Bible Study : +1 719 884 5060
And another: Alberta Bible College:
Here's one with a download: Robertson College Alberta:

I hope these help at least give you leads and some ideas about costs, scholarships and such.
6 years??? If this question has been on an individual's heart for 6 years, then indeed taking this issue straight to the Lord for resolution would seem the only plausible solution - both in terms of learning if there is indeed a true calling, and to find out from where the impatience arises. To advance oneself in one's faith, I have found that all one does is simply take a step towards God by spending more time in the word, increasing time spent in the presence of the Lord, and serving others in the community or through one's church. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer has been the tried and true way of advancing one's faith through the ages.

I hope that the OP finds whatever it is they are truly looking for, since it seems quite unclear given all the facts. May the Lord assist this person in finding their way.
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