Need Help!

Jun 22, 2007
Salem, MA
Need Help!

I just hooked up a new PC for my wife and it has Vista, her old PC has Widows XP and I want to copy her personal folders in Outlook Express to a disk and load them into the new PC. Does anyone know a SIMPLE formula for this? I tried once already and I got the folders on the CD, but whae I went to load them into the new PC there appeared to be a problem with the file ext.
Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!


Do all your Windows updates to make sure that your computer is up to date first. I use hotmail but when I use another pc all thise hotmail folders are still acessable as they are stored online. I have also e-mailed folders and info to myself to transefer it. Do you have the same software on both ps's for composing and opening programs? If not you may need to download that software. Just some thoughts anyway.