Dear brethren
i love to say that we have to do more work in fields
time is very short to reach more people
I feel still we are slow in reaching people
My heart is always tearing to reach more people to give the gospel
we are with many ways do reach more people as we can
1. standing on roads and streets to give the gospel and to distribute the gospel tracts to people

2. we are going as team to reach very unreached villages and towns to stay there for two to four or five days to give the gospel to every person in that village.... by giving gospel tracts at door to door and person to person, and also by conducting evening open gospel meeting

3. conducting the gospel meetings in different areas

4, conducting the gospel crusades to reach more people

5. we are giving the bulks and sets of gospel tracts to believers who were already in assemblies and coming to church, to encouragement them to reach their neighbor families and friends to give the gospel tracts to them
As we are doing the ministry we felt in some needs
a. people are asking more literature, bibles, new testaments in our mother tongue
Any how ministry is going in some speed..
please join with us and please advise us to do more work
welcome to all
"I feel still we are slow in reaching people."

Yes, we are. Part of the human condition. The old word for it is 'sloth.' So easy not to do the things that we should...and then, they are gone, dead...