Need your help

Need your help

Hi all,
I have finally decided to pursue preaching the good news by an act of love.

Sometime back I wrote this article

After lot of thinking and discouragement, I finally decided to take the plunge. The concept in my article remains the same, but my mission now has changed.

I now want to approach small remote villages in the India with a plate full of love. I want to preach around the world with friends who would be committed to the same cause.

The love I will carry will help me to a dig well, provide sustainable energy sources, build small huts/brick houses, built bio-gas plants using village waste, so that everyone can have cooking gas, solar panels, so that remote home can light a small bulb and call it Christmas. Most important i want to educate children of these villages, so that when the floods come and they have nothing to eat, at least they can afford to go to the city and look for work and not beg.

I want to create small co-operatives so that local talents can create art and craft and we can help them to sell it, thus providing income. I want to create a program to teach men the goodness about good health, so that they can stop drinking and beating their wife.

I have a tough challenge as the Hindus would not want me to uplift these so called low caste people, the higher cast would not stand the thought that the lower caste is traveling on a plane or white people visiting his hut. (I know the mentally)

Often times a high caste man is going to the temple and if by chance a man from the lower caste cross his path, the Higher caste hindu would go back to his house (cursing) and have a bath again, wear fresh clothes and then walk back to the temple.

True story:
It was a hot summer night and a small village full of lower caste people was sleeping, an old woman who was sick woke up her son to bring some water from the nearby well as she was thirsty. The son went out of his thatched hut and when he threw the bucket into the well, he heard the bucket hitting the ground.

The next village which was full of higher caste had a deeper well. The boy namely Ramu, decided to sneak and fetch a bucket for his sick mother. He walked a mile in the thick forest and reached the well, which was near a temple. He pulled a bucket full of water and as he was about to leave, the temple priest woke up and saw him. The priest woke up the others, they asked the boys his name and address, when they found him to be a boy of a lower caste, they beat him. The boy kept screaming and the people who gathered around him, just kept watching. No one did anything, ultimately the boy died.

His mother was waiting and waiting and by morning she died of thirst as she had high fever.

This was just another normal story in an Indian news paper friends. The power of evil has spread all over the world in different forms. I cannot change the world but I can do a small part.

I have decided to study first before I begin to preach.This is the place where i have decided to learn.

Friends I need what ever help you can give me to raise money for school.
This is a school in England I want to study for a year, I am praying that the lord will gift me like minded friends, so that we all can do our part in this wide world. Jesus saved me and gifted me a beautiful baby, it's time I help him carry his cross for a while. You never know, many years form now, someone would be writing a thank you thread in this site saying " A man came to my village in the name of Jesus and he dug a well for us, he gave us education and today i work for an international company and I look after my mother, I have also adopted 3 kids, I just want to thank Jesus for saving us and giving new life"

I do not know how to raise money, I will learn in time, but for now please help me to achieve my dreams. Someone suggested opening a paypal account, I will try that but a small prayer would be enough.

Thanks brothers and sisters, I will keep you guys posted as long as this site is up.


I am praying and I think what you want to do is awesome.
Have faith in God because if you are meant to do this, He WILL provide a way!!!
You are in my prayers!

Please watch this!

I think this is awesome if you need anything at all just pm me. I may be able to help. I will be in prayer for you!

Thanks friends, it encourages me to go on. I am positive by the power of prayers, I could make a mountain move.


I think that your dream is super great hdavy2002. I really do.

You know, I used to preach, and have done so for a few years.
You will find that no school can help you do that though, because preaching is 99% sharing with your heart, and 1% sharing the truth of the Bible.

The hard part is the 99%, and since you seem to have the heart already, why wait?
The preaching itself will teach you how to preach.

I hope that God will bless all your efforts from the depth of His heart :)