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new disney film

i was talking to a christian mum ,she mention a disney film about moses.and how she won,t let her children watch this film.
I wouldn't blame her.
Its like other films such as Bruce almighty and Evan almighty, Turning our Religeon / beliefs into a fantasy and something there not.
I never saw Evan Almighty, but I didn watch Bruce Almighty. It turned out to have a very good message . . .
Some people get so mad at God that they think they can do a better job than God, but if given the chance they mess things up worse than they were before.

I don't know about the Moses movie; never saw it.
if children don,t read the bible then they will believe in the film,children are very trusting and don,t expect adults to lie,shame on these people.
Parents should watch the movie with the children and explain things along the way. Nothing shameful about that.
SC . . . No we shouldn't be ignorant of false messages, but the movie "Bruce Almighty" is not a false message. God gives this MAN all His powers, but the man doesn't know how to use the power properly and makes a bigger mess of his life. Just how we are here today. We think we can handle things on our own but can't, and we end up making a bigger mess of our lives.

I'm only commenting on the movie that I have seen. I cannot and will not comment on any other movie that I have not seen. I do understand that we should be careful what we watch and what we let our children watch, but IMO "Bruce Almighty" has a mighty message that more people should get.