New Here on this new year

Hello friend, im glad you found this site, it wont let you down and the people here are as sweet as cake batter ice cream. I hope u have a good time and also that God uses u to glorify his kingdom God bless! do you mind if i friend you? =)

A very warm welcome my brother from another mother from way over there
Before you get to far in we suggest you go over the new comers welcome package. it will help you better understand who we are, if you have not all ready done so. It will also give you survival tips to this site. So kick back and relax and immerse yourself in the word of God. Wooooo hooooooo!!

Chili out.
I am new on here ,and i love this forum.I am from India a christian and i am lookig to serve him everyday of my life in everything small i can do.So here i am joining a christian forum for the first time.


I am from India too. Welcome brother! :D