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Hello my name is Stephanie and I am a student at a Christian college going to serve the Lord as a Biology teacher for high schooler here in America. Another big passion of mine is to be a softball coach for a varsity softball. My soon to be husband is an amazing writer, the Lord has really blessed him with the gift of words and talent with music. But I am still working on my walk with the Lord learning something new about him everyday. Learning about his love, forgiveness, and his compassion that we need in our everyday life.

So happy you found us! This is a wonderful Christian forum, filled with really great Christians, from whom I've learned so much.

Looking forward to hearing from you again,

Blessings, Cheri


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Wow we sure do have all kinds of people coming in from all over the world. What a treat to meet them as they arrive!! WOO HOO!!!!!!! Welcome to loving site Steph that God has made for us just so we could meet you and you and you and you and you LOL! Have a good ole stay my sis.

Chili out
ps Everybody calls me chili here cuz IIIIIIIII LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE chilis' you'll see why soon enough. God Bless you