New Members Welcome Area - China

New Members Welcome Area - China

Today, 03-15-2010, is my first day on this forum as a new member and posting information about myself. Let me freely say, officially by China's history, I am China's official succession emperor. My family came from China and migrated to the United States of America in 1871, quietly and secretly, due to threats indirectly made and perceived against my family and so we migrated to this nation for our safety and security. From 1644 to 1912 China was ruled by Manchurians, who sought to put to death political competitors and perceived enemies. Being of China's Han-Chinese Imperial lineage, we were perennial competitors and enemies and Manchurians spared no Chinese life. So a decision was made in 1871 to come to America.

I am of Han-Chinese ancestry, but my family genealogy charts show that from ancient times I am of paternal Hebrew ancestry. During the time of Peleg, Nimrod conscripted nations and absorbed them (White people) into his Hamite bands. My family, during that time, lived in Calah (modern day Iraq). We migrated to China sometime around 1900-1700 BC and to the United States of America (Hawaii and California) in 1860s to 1870s.

My family started Hawaii's first Chinese-based Christian church and later adopted the Methodist faith as our own.

I am new to this forum and will be looking around and reading articles. My hopes are currently pinned on starting a Christian mission, gaining a following, and bringing God's word back to China with me.

See my official website for details.

Thank you very much and may God bless everyone!
Mar 14, 2010
Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony! I look forward to hearing so much more!!
Hello and welcome from another newbie!

God bless you my friend