New poem written today “Wonderful Love”

Feb 11, 2019
Glen Rock, PA
Wonderful Love

God’s wonderful Love has the power to reach deeper

Then our Darkest fears, deeper then the great ocean

Will rescue, give us mouth to mouth till we breathe

No matter how far we’ve thrown our last hope

Won’t be far enough for the arms of Jesus Christ

He proved on the cross His arms extend the world

God’s wonderful Love has the power to cast doubts

With a touch of His scars on His hands, on His side

Douting Thomas’s of the world will be believers

No matter how far the lies drove us, wasn’t far enough

Truth will travel faster then lightning in time to save us

Don’t be afraid of the Storm God sends to Rescue You

God’s wonderful Love has the power to heal all wounds

Even the Hurt we’ve buried deep into the well of our soul

No fort knox is strong enough to keep out His Love

No matter the extent of the pain from the deepest regret

The life we chose to give up in a moment now lived over

Jesus and them have embraced you in forgiveness

God’s Storm is coming to rescue with Love and Truth

Embrace this Wonderful Love, do not fear the Light

This Wonderful Love will set us free in deed