New to the forum. seeking God and faith.

Not a month ago I was ready to give up on God, ready to take the athiest route. But a friend David opped everything he was doing and helped me. Now I have much more faith in god, and I know he is here. I just still have a hard time with him though, so I am here to seek help.
I've started reading the bible, and I have an all that gives me a daily Bible quote and then talks about it using real life situations.
I have started going to church as well, which has helped me.

I am graduatin high school in June. My goals are to own a training and boarding facility for horses.
Thats all for now.


Welcome to CFS!
I'm sure your journey with God will be great and rewarding. If you have any questions whilst here at CFS, please let me know.
Hi Vayacondios,

Welcome & great to hear that you are beginning to trust the Lord more. Just know that He speaks in our everyday life & situations. He is guiding you & teaching you a bit at a time.

Blessings, Marilyn.