hello, I am in my mid 20's am I to old for this place. The last christian site I was on was for teens and I realized that I was arguing with 13 year olds. Is this place for all ages?
Feel at home, Girth. Most of us are above 20 (well thats what i think :hmmph02: ). I'll be 24 this december. :) Hope you enjoy the discussions here. I am eager to hear more about you.
okay well thats good.

I have a confession to make. I am an atheist. I do not believe there is a god of any kind. However, My purpose here is not to convert or damage the faith of anyone that is not of the same beliefs as me.

In the last forum i was in i was 1 of maybe 3 other non-believers. I believe I got along with all (if not all then most) of the believers. If anything my presence made for more interesting discussion.

I am not here because I am confussed and want guidance. I am here because I am fasinated by religion and I always want to learn more. I am actually planning on fully reading the bible early next year when I complete the 3 books that Im on now.

If this is a serious problem for the majority then I will find another forum. This will sadden me since this forum looks the most interesting that I have found.
Hello Girth, this forum is only for christians because we dont want new christians joining here to get confused by discussions thats trying to prove otherwise.

Sorry about this but if your intention is to prove to the members that they are definitely wrong and that you will not accept any other opinion, then I should say that this might not be a good place to do it.

However, it is my duty to try and tell you about christianity and therefore obey what my God has asked me to do. I would certainly like it if you can accept the Word of God with an open heart. Please do not look at it, at the same level as other books because this is the only book that has stood the test of time and has inspired and guided millions.

I am happy that you will take the intiative of studying it and I would also suggest that you meet christians in your neighbourhood to talk to you about their experience as well. You might find it hard to accept certain things but give it a try and I am certain that your opinion will change.
okay thank you for you honesty i will respect it. I am really looking for a place that I can talk with people of religious faith. I prefer christians cause that is the one religion that I know the most about. Im not interested in converting anyone. Im sure that there are people on the opposing view of my own that would like to talk with someone like myself. are you aware of anyplace that would meet my criteria? If not then thank you for your time.
Girth, I did make a forum for non-believers to discuss christian topics. Follow this link:

Please do understand that I am not trying to discriminate people. I have made this forum to find out if it is a good idea to keep a seperate one for such discussions. Since my experience at administrating forums is very limited, my decisions might sometimes be wrong. :blush02: Sorry for that and I would appreciate it if you bear with me. :)