No Bible Reading In Kindergarten

No Bible Reading In Kindergarten

Here in Newtown Sq., PA a kindergarten student was honored as the "Star of the Day." Mom was invited in to share favorite toys and other special items. The parent is also requested to read a short passage from the child's favorite book. The parent was going to read from a Psalm in the Bible. However, the school officials told the mom "no" so she read from another book instead. However, the mom decided to sue after she found out that other's read religious material including from books that described Jewish holidays.

Long story short - the suit went up through the courts and the final decision was "no Bible reading in kindergarten!" Because the other books were "religious" books, not a foundational religious book like the Bible, they were ok to read from.

What a shame!


Thats just plain anti-christ Mark- she should contact the ACLJ and they will take that situation and turn it around-they generally work free and will go anywhere christians are discriminated against- here is the link:
The parents did have a major Christian organization representing them. Can't remember which one.