Noah Movie

Well I won't spoil it and tell you everything that happened, but I will give a brief summary.

Everybody wanted to get in the boat because they didn't want to die. Rock monsters are smashing people. Noah's trying to kill babies. There's another crazy guy who's trying to teach ham it's okay to bight lizards heads off. Noah gets drunk and naked. Then he rubs some dirty old snake skin on Harry potters girlfriends kids heads, and out pops a rainbow. The end.
Thanks for telling me, I wont waste my money , heck i saw a clip..and it looked more like sparta than noah lol...there was an army it seemed..and they were fighting. .thats the clip I
About Mel Gibson's ' Pass the Christ'- was mentioned by the pastor of my church. Although a good film, he said he doubts that anyone got saved watching it as it was played on emotion and not intelligent faith.
Are you kidding me, during the production.. cavezel got struck by lightn
And an atheist working with got baptized.

Also a while back, my aunts home got broken into and that movie along with other things is what they took, although unfortunate my aunt and cousins weren't hurt and hopefully they were saved
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Meh, I watched it, and found nothing blasphemous about it. Plus I really love movie popcorn. Popcorn made at home just really isn't the same as movie popcorn. I've even gone as far as doing my Google research to figure out how they make the popcorn so delicious. Every website claims they know the secret to making movie popcorn, then I go and try it, and it's not the same. It's not the same at all. That is blasphemy!
ROFL, who doesnt like movie popcorn xD
I wonder the same abt McDonald's one makes fries quite like they do . lol
For me, that is one thing I generally prefer making at home. I don't see the point in the thin style chips outlets like McDonald's serve. I can enjoy our (UK) fish and chip shop chips and the nearest one to me is pretty good but some places can sell a soggy mass of limp potatoes and grease. If cook some (steak cut) frozen chips in our deep fat fryer, I can reliably get what what I want. Chips that are crisp on the outside and with a reasonable quantity of soft potato on the inside.

As for biblical films, the only one I can remember watching was The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston. Maybe I'll get to watch Noah one day but it will have to wait until such time it is broadcast on UK free to view tv.
Are you guys kidding?? Maca's fries are full of oil. What better way of increasing the surface area per weight than a shoe-string chip?
Give me a 3/4" (20mm) twice fried Chip any day.
Chip? Is that another way of saying McDonald fries?
I don't know about Calvin but with my UK usage, I would call anything from the matchsticks outlets like McDonald's sell to (probably, I don't think I've seen them quite that thick) Calvin's 20mm specimens "Chips". "French Fried Potatoes" were things I've seen on menus in places that I guess thought "chip" too common. I'm unsure about "fries". It's possible McDonald's, etc. do have that on their menus and it's possible that "fries" is in common with some over here but it's years since I've been to one of these places and it's not a term I use.

What I believe you call a potato chip is a crisp over here.
yes it can get confusing. The 20mm square chips/fries are the ones I make at home.
It is the same everywhere I think, there are local terms for many products. In Sydney if you ask for a scallop at the local fish and chip shop you'll get potato slices dipped in batter and then deep fried. Ask the same thing in Melbourne and you will get a shell fish thing. They don't have Devon sausage in Melbourne, they call it Strasbourg. So, chip or fry? A rose by any other name has just as many thorns.:)

Scallops in shell.

Back to Noah the movie.
I've heard it is very violent....just wondering how the graphic violence compares with '300 rise of an empire' ?
That was way too violent IMO....well way too graphic for me anyway.