got a design from God to make a massive boat,the 1 thing you will not see in the world is this,even if people do not believe in God,why hasn,t noah gone in history as being the forefather of boat designs.?the design does float as proven by a 2/3rd replica in scandinavia.why then has the world not said noah was 2000yrs ahead of his time.?
Because Noah didn't build a boat, as we know it. God told him to build a box. It probably looked nothing like the model that has been made. Most likely it had a flat waterproof roof and may have been airtight apart from one small vent which may even have been kept sealed as well.:)
noah built a boat,people stayed inside it,and it floated in 1 can have a lot of diffrent forms.anyways back to noah,were is his great acclaim from the world.?there is none,why because it is writen God gave him the design.:eek:they can,t have it both ways.