Noah's Ark-WOW

Wholly molly!This is some great documentory. I have not seen this before, WOW! Nice find my friend:D:cool::cool::cool::cool:
my wife found these for me, actually...I'm amazed too, never saw these before, i wonder what else is out there :) How awesome is our Lord! His truth endures for all generations, and His truth endures forever!
Least, I was reading about the ring that a pharo, sorry can't spell, gave to joseph and it was really amazing, and also found articles on the two rivers that had dried up long ago that would have connected where God said to the garden of eden they were both great stories. I just googled about the topics and lots of them came up if you want to look at them, it was great, the LORD is amazing in everthing, how could anyone not believe and not want such a soecial gift and perfect father? I pray I always have the LORD with me!!!

Praise the LORD!!!