I love to read and I have been in search of a good book since finishing the Tairen Soul series and Night's Rose series. The genre I'm interested in are Fantasy and romance in the Medieval setting.
Can anyone suggest a book they really enjoyed?


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A friend of mine writes Christian fantasy books. His stories are a bit "older" than Medieval settings, but they do involve dragons and other Fantasy elements. You can check his books out if you like, his name is Bryan Davis, and his daughter, Amanda Davis just released her first book as well.

I also like the Wheel of Time series and most everything else by Robert Jordan. I used to like Anne MacCaffrey as well, but it has become harder for me to recommend since it strays pretty far outside Christian values. Recently, I found out about Naomi Novik who wrote a series of "what if" stories about the French revolutionary war with dragons. I haven't had the opportunity to screen her books yet, so I can't say if they are "clean". I don't know if that's completely in your range, but that's where my casual reading tends to hover.
There are plenty of books written by a Amanda Davis, so I have no idea which one is her. Did Bryan Davis write Dragon of Starlight series?
I'm still looking into the other authors you suggested :) thanks!


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Yes. Dragons of Starlight, and the Oracles series among others.
Thanks GrannyG :)

My dad actually had a book called, Circle by Ted Deker. It's a trilogy in one book, it's big!
I also was given a book to borrow from a friend so I have some reading to do! :)
You can go to the card catalog online or in the library (computer) and search for Christian Fiction and you'll be surprised at what they have. Even in very secular communities, they seem to have some.
I write book reviews on my blog, so you might want to check out some of them. I don't get any money from sales or anything. I just like to read and the publishers provide the books. I just finished The Joshua Covenant by Diane and David Munson. Check it and the others out.
A Dangerous Love
by Linda L. Rigsbee
A Dash of Spice
by Francis Porretto
A Demon's Desire
by Lizzy Ford
A Dog Named Nate
by Inglath Cooper
A Fool for Love
by Susan Mallery

Its all novels read it and enjoy it!