Now it's Buddhists persecuting Christians



What a heartbreaking story for that old man- his reward will be great indeed and I am praying God change the hearts of those he loves. As far as the persecution demonic religions will always raise up their ugly heads when people are getting saved.
Thanksgiving for our freedoms

and joy unceasing as we can worship and share our beliefs without fear of life.......we need to use the rights we have while we have them.

It amazes me that these new believers are so strong and bold in their faith. Not that I am not amazed every time someone accepts salvation, but that against all odds they give up their old lives and make a new one that impacts their very existence, giving up family and friends and homes and life.

These tortured and dedicated people deserve our undying thankfullness for their testimony of faith......
May the Lord continue to cover these believers in countries where it is not allowed..........

To God be the Glory!


Truly, we should be more thankful for the countries that we live in. There are so many stories of people in China in the house churches and other places where people are making a difference for the gospel and their undying love for the Saviour.

A visiting pastor this past weekend was in china for a long time in the house churches and was almost arrested himself and he told of numerous accounts of people spending horendous tortures in jails it just tears you apart. We really don't know what it is like.