O.t. Saints And The Holy Spirit.

As we study the O.T. we see men and women who had the Spirit of God working in their lives. They are good examples for us. Some were so anointed that non believers recognized their gift. Daniel and Joseph were examples. It is note worthy that they are seen as God's people by their lives.

Jesus told that when he goes away to be seen no more he would send the Holy Spirit comforter. Jn. 14:.
The purpose in Acts 2 was that when receiving the Holy Spirit they would receive power from on high.

To wrestle with a invisible devil and his demons, it would be needed to have invisible Holy Spirit help us. I learned that long ago when serving the Lord. Thought I was going to lose my mind. Actually that is good for then receive the mind of Christ by his Spirit in me. 1Pet. 1: tells us the trying of our faith is more precious than gold. It doesn't say the trouble is a lot of fun, but it shows us as we look to the Lord , he will manifest power to us even if it is wisdom to deal with the situation.

The fruit of joy , which manifests in praise to God with our faith in him will produce wonders unspeakable.
Just to be in a difficult trouble and say out loud Jesus name will amaze you. As a example , When I was hydroplaning down a hill on ice, and in front was a cliff , which if you don't stop it is death below. I shouted
the name of Jesus. miraculously my tires found dry road which wasn't there. The grip sound was amazing. The van vibrated and stopped right at the stop sign. turned left towards work and was praising and thanking God for saving my life. His glory is in sharing this testimony many times. One woman while we sitting waiting in office said she shouted Jesus about something in her life. She related to that and it brought back her memory, which may even had a purpose for her future. Now that's power by the Holy Spirit and Jesus name