"obey, Or Not To Obey?"; That Is The Question.

The closer I get to the Lord, the more I realize how far I fall short of the acceptance bar of "holiness". Praise God for loving us so much that He made it easy for us; or so you would think. Praise God for Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice. Praise God for providing a "narrow way" rather than no way at all like the pagan gods. And to think; He didn't have too..

So many people are like myself growing up in the USA- thinking they are Christians. I was raised (I use the term loosely) in the Presbyterian church. And it wasn't until I had just about wasted my entire life-to that point- at the age of 30 when I was presented with Gospel clearly, "thinking" I knew what being a "Christian" meant. Praise God for 'Dave' who gave me a tract, literature and video tapes on creation, Bible versions, & salvation.

Many scriptures flood into my thinking as I try to type this so forgive me if I am rambling. The point I am trying to make is: are we teaching young people the truth of God's blessings, miracles and works? I wasn't taught and even now I struggle with cleaning up the messes from my pre & post salvation sins.

Young people: 'take heed to yourselves', obey the Lord.

Do you want blessings? Obey the Lord
Do you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Obey the Lord
Do you want to witness miracles? Obey the Lord
Do you want the Lord to fellowship with you? Obey HIM!

And we teach that through the Bible, fellowship and being the example....

Colossians 2:8, Romans 1:22
I remember distinctly as a young man walking the halls of my "upper class" huge, stone build Gothic Presbyterian Church and choosing to eject the whole lot "they" were feeding me. My journey was long and hard, and as you say, would have been unnecessary if I had learned to obey HIM and ignoring cozy Christian-glazed lifestyle teachings of my SS teachers.