Offerings of Aromas

Offerings of Aromas

Breathe me in and wonder.
this rain in me declines.

In my open mind, give me grace
and next to me I will be beside.

Eternity exists inside.
This ring of wonder falls through time.

I take away from my cloud
until I can cry no more

Now I am racing fast
befallen in the fate of lights.

I cannot help this Love.
Hold me tight if it is the true desire.

I am pulled up in this final approach
to the tears of my eyes which are being bleed dry.

Give me this place to hide.
I come with heart and mind,
luminous as the sun and as helpless as the dark deep.

Everlasting rivers flow calmly upon rocks scattered abroad
with flecks of light in long caverns,
enough to follow in this fallen world.

When I am me there is no place of shelter,
only depravity.

Once I have reached my fated showers of knowledge and emotion
there is nothing left, only my past and how I am me when I am here.

I have this table.
I sit and see all the enticement of passion and hope.

Bring me where I can be near and
the moons reflection will be bound.
I have more dreams than can matter to me.
Restless is still until the end.
Feel my picture production
and the touch of a woman’s hair.

To be is too long for my care,
to die is to lust my fear.

To alleviate the transcendence in proper draws,
the crowns we wear have a price.

Drop this panel,
the doubts of guilt.
Embrace the ones Lovingly felt.

What is to be had of me,
what is my share?

I look for power and grace.
Lost sparrows will die,
my soul tarnished has survived.

For my offerings of aromas one must be content.
Someday I will purge this shame,
and then truly I will wax the way.