old testament


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old testament

i see firms ,advertising etc using old testament names etc.are these the people who don,t have jesus?i see a vastness in worldly goods for these people.do you think they know or are they following evil to be prosperous,seeing how evil hes no bible,is evil trying to push people back and forget our saviour?


Some of the men and women of the Old Testament wre heroes of the faith and are proclaimed as so in the New Testament so I see nothing wrong with thier names. Many are in the bloodline of Christ ( on his mothers side) and Jesus is readily seen from Genesis to Malachi. The Jews are still God's people and He has plans to save them and indeed some are now saved.


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yep but the old testament didn,t give you salvation,jesus came and died to take those keys from satan.:)


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also the old testament was for jewish,you will find a little passage in revelations about those who thought they were jewish and was not.
I'm taking a class right now (actually its almost done) but anyways, it is called Old Testament Survey, and there's some really neat stuff that I've learned. Perhaps you should take it sometime :)
also the old testament was for jewish,you will find a little passage in revelations about those who thought they were jewish and was not.

but the entire old testament was preperation for the coming of the King (Jesus) there are tons of proficies proclaiming his coming


yep but the old testament didn,t give you salvation,jesus came and died to take those keys from satan.:)
But the Old testment is a perfect picture of the coming Christ, His blood sacrifice and the restoration of the union between God and man. If one simply discounts the Old Testament that person will miss much of the meaning of the new- selah.
It is of course an indiviual chioce if you wish to stidy the Whole Word of God or stick with the new only.
also the old testament was for jewish,you will find a little passage in revelations about those who thought they were jewish and was not.

  1. Revelation 2:9
    “I know about your suffering and your poverty—but you are rich! I know the blasphemy of those opposing you. They say they are Jews, but they are not, because their synagogue belongs to Satan.
  2. Revelation 3:9
    Look, I will force those who belong to Satan’s synagogue—those liars who say they are Jews but are not—to come and bow down at your feet. They will acknowledge that you are the ones I love.
Romans 2:29
No, a true Jew is one whose heart is right with God. And true circumcision is not merely obeying the letter of the law; rather, it is a change of heart produced by God’s Spirit. And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.
I thought this is worth mentioning again......................

Just because I LOVE IT!:dance::dance::dance:

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I. The Predictions About Jesus (Genesis Thru Malachi)
A. The Pentateuch: The Pillar For Jesus (Genesis - Deuteronomy)
1. Jesus Is Our Source (Genesis)
2. Jesus Is Our Safety (Exodus)
3. Jesus Is Our Sacrifice (Leviticus)
4. Jesus Is Our Sustenance (Numbers)
5. Jesus Is Our Spokesman (Deuteronomy)
B. The Past: The Preparation For Jesus (Joshua - Esther)
1. Jesus Is Our Success (Joshua)
2. Jesus Is Our Supreme Court (Judges)
3. Jesus Is Our Successor (Ruth)
4. Jesus Is Our Sanctifier (1 Samuel)
5. Jesus Is Our Sovereign (2 Samuel)
6. Jesus Is Our Sanctuary (1 Kings)
7. Jesus Is Our Splendor (2 Kings)
8. Jesus Is Our Straightener (1 Chronicles)
9. Jesus Is Our Significance (2 Chronicles)
10. Jesus Is Our Scribe (Ezra)
11. Jesus Is Our Stronghold (Nehemiah)
12. Jesus Is Our Supporter (Esther)
C. The Poets: The Passion of Jesus (Job - Song of Solomon)
1. Jesus Is Our Stamina (Job)
2. Jesus Is Our Song (Psalms)
3. Jesus Is Our Shrewdness (Proverbs)
4. Jesus Is Our Satisfaction (Ecclesiastes)
5. Jesus Is Our Spouse (Song of Solomon)
D. The Prophets: The Prophecies of Jesus (Isaiah - Malachi)
1. The Major Prophets (Isaiah - Daniel)
a. Jesus Is Our Sufferer (Isaiah)
b. Jesus Is Our Standard (Jeremiah)
c. Jesus Is Our Sympathy (Lamentations)
d. Jesus Is Our Scrutinizer (Ezekiel)
e. Jesus Is Our Stone (Daniel)
2. The Minor Prophets (Hosea - Malachi)
a. Jesus Is The Supreme Love of God (Hosea)
b. Jesus Is The Sure Day of God (Joel)
c. Jesus Is The Stubborn World of God (Amos)
d. Jesus Is The Sweeping Rule of God (Obadiah)
e. Jesus Is The Steadfast Grace of God (Jonah)
f. Jesus Is The Settled Will of God (Micah)
g. Jesus Is The Strict Judgments of God (Nahum)
h. Jesus Is The Superior Methods of God (Habakkuk)
i. Jesus Is The Strange Ways of God (Zephaniah)
j. Jesus Is The Simple Goal of God (Haggai)
k. Jesus Is The Successful Hope in God (Zechariah)
l. Jesus Is The Sworn Promise of God (Malachi)
II. The Presence of Jesus (Matthew - John)
A. Jesus Is The Sovereign of Man Who Came To Seek and Sway (Mt)
B. Jesus Is The Servant of Man Who Came To Serve (Mark)
C. Jesus Is The Son of Man Who Came To Share (Luke)
D. Jesus Is The Son of God Who Came To Save (John)
III. The Pronouncements of Jesus (Acts)
IV. The Prescriptions of Jesus (Romans - Jude)
A. Jesus Is The Satisfaction of All Things (Romans)
B. Jesus Is The Solution To All Things, Part 1 (1 Corinthians)
C. Jesus Is The Solution To All Things, Part 2 (2 Corinthians)
D. Jesus Is The Sole Savior of All Things (Galatians)
E. Jesus Is The Sum of All Things (Ephesians)
F. Jesus Is The Supplier of All Things (Philippians)
G. Jesus Is The Source of All Things (Colossians)
H. Jesus Is The Stimulation of All Things, Part 1 (1 Thessalonians )
I. Jesus Is The Stimulation of All Things, Part 2 (2 Thessalonians )
J. Jesus Is The Singular Mediator of All Things (1 Timothy)
K. Jesus Is The Stability of All Things (2 Timothy)
L. Jesus Is The Structure of All Things (Titus)
M. Jesus Is The Sponsor of All Things (Philemon)
N. Jesus Is The Superior of All Things (Hebrews)
O. Jesus Is The Standard of All Things (James)
P. Jesus Is The Substance of All Things (1 Peter)
Q. Jesus Is The Stronger of All Things (2 Peter)
R. Jesus Is The Spring of All Things (1 John)
S. Jesus Is The Soundness of All Things (2 John)
T. Jesus Is The Sociability of All Things (3 John)
U. Jesus Is The Spectator of All Things (Jude)
IV. The Protection of Jesus (Revelation)


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i tottally agree the ot was completed with jesus arriving.the ot was to tell you about the tree of life.so my best advice would be to read jesus own words,he tells you to pray in private.he tells you your battle is spiritual.he tells you to follow God,s commands.some parts of the ot are passed,read jesus.


Did you know that Jewish people wrote almost the entire New Testament and that Jesus and His disciples love the whole Word of God?
Ouch Brother Larry, even though it is an innocent enough of a statement, It still has quite a bit of "sizzle" to it!!!!!!!
I don't think You were trying, but I had to do a double take on the gentle but "sizling" sarcasim in that one.
Nothing worse than the truth, to make one crash and burn!!!!!! Just kidding though, lol :D
I only meant that it struck Me funny, as I was in a good mood. But I did not mean to belittle Your statement. But it was just so "well put," that the question struck me as having that sting to it, because it was 100% correct. ( and as such I was teasing You, by implying there was sarcasim, which I also stated I knew was not there, and am sorry:()

O.T. bashing is wrong. And the Synagogue Of Satan reference in Revelation to Me seems to be about very evil and deceptive people, just as much as when Christ said to the same deceptive nature in people, but only of Gentiles, when He has to say to them "I never knew You." And therefore taken collectively, there are simply good, and evil Jews and gentiles both, period, end of discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also the Millions, and Millions of messianic Jews today, are jews who believe in Jesus, but who do not deny they are Jews just because of that ----so they can serve as examples to other Jews, which is simply "Witnessing" to their own, and why do some criticise them for that. Or My favorite, are the Jews for Jesus, of the particular interpretation, of showing they are not lazy, and incapable of regimented existence, and therefore celebrate the Jewish feasts, to Honor Jesus, and How they speak of Him in "Type,"rather, than as offering sacrifices, or practicing "sacrementalism," but rather to provoke their bretheren with Jealousy, with how much they love Jesus, and get missunderstood as well. And I am sure their are as many Tares, within both professing Jewish, and Gentile camps,

So why do we "Bash" the O.T., because we are so used to pointing fingers in every direction towards "people,"where I prefer to point fingers at beliefs, and church denominations, so we all as individuals deal with our own accountability, And I wind up in passionate arguments, in which My sarcasim, and such get the better of me, because we all fail.

However, Jesus and the disciples were Jews, who Loved the O.T. And I thought Your statement was brilliantly put, because I lack the same control You have. It makes Me very angry Myself, and My blood boils -----because I simply ask, Myself, So You are saying God, does not Love His Word?????? Oh I am sorry, God only does not love part of His Word??????? ---because the entire Bible speaks of Christ, and there are Beautifull Messianic Passages in Isaiah, which I love ---But quite frankly they can be found throughout God's Word.

And I would Love to have Your ability to be More sedate and Calm in My statements ----it's more of a gift than You know, because I get too passionate in how I say things. If I can't light a fire somewhere, what's the point of being a "Partisan Of Christ"?????? I am the kind who cuts off the Ear, which Jesus has to repair, and rebuke Me for it. And I know it's wrong. But among the things I need to work on, is in My not thinking passion, and zeal, allways seem to come off wrong ---unless one realy practices not being like Me. I take for granted that Humility, is a state of Mind, Spritualy so, and know I am so ripped apart right now, that My passion gives Me energy to say things, and don't think I should pretend to be sedate ---because I am not, but it allways makes Me seem like I don't care, and I don't think I am so smart ----and hate all of that movement stuff getting named after this guy or that, and actualy like being stupid to the extent, if I say something usefull and brilliant ( not that I think that's likely ), that someone will name a movement after me. And it drives Me crazy, when someone says, I'm a this or that ----after someone's teachings, because we all mess up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So My joke, was intended towards The Clarity You have, in the way You put things, to pretend there was Sarcasim there, and nothing more than playing on My part:D
And besides Habakkuk 2:4 says "Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within Him, but the righteous will live by His faith." and I feel the entire O.T. also shows that a man has to have faith, the very same faith which is counted as righteousness -----and it is only the ability of one to surrender to God, thru Love, which makes them Love Him so, and it is either evident, or it is not, and as such God knows who has surrendered to, and accepts salvation, even before it was clearly preached to Us openly as such,

And Christ's future act, obvously accepts such repentance and surrender to the free gift of God's Love ---even before it was clearly known as to how God would accomplish His purposes openly, and yet I allways believe, that God revealed it one's heart, in such a way, that they knew they Loved God, and God loved them.

And there are passages in Isaiah, and elsewher, which I feel clearly hint more to Christ than You know, because if God opens the "Hebrew" up to one's heart, they can see in Isaiah that Christ would be The Covenant, and The Light, and not just "a" covenant, or "a" light, and Daniel sealed up "The Prophet," and not the "Prophecies,"

So I am sorry, but I allways see nothing but Christ in the O.T., and the struggle of faith ( as Jacob wrestled with God ), which determined /showed, if one truly did repent, and surrender to God -----even before we had such "Terms" defined,

And it was all put on Christ's account, even before He appeared, but again I am sorry, but I feel that God allways knew "What Faith" He required, even before we knew the "details" of such ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I refuse to have My faith swayed away from God, and can only see that David had a faith based relationship with God, and when He saw His sins determined He was to be chastised, and punished, He survived such "Hell," as can bee seen in some of His tortured statements in the psalms, but still held to His love of God, and God knew David would endure His Chastisements, and allways Be His,

And even Job, endured in His repentant state of faith, which I feel the true Love of God, once truly established can not be one done, unless it were only an infatuation, and not the true love and surrender, which can make You endure anything, and even when God had to Yell at Job, for not even being able to take more than He did, God shows Us, we can be broken, and think we are defeated, but are not.

I know it is controversial, because I beleive we can give ourselves over to the covenant of wrath/chastisement ( the covenants by day and night, both found mentioned in Jerimaiah ), and be ripped apart, as David was, but if we endure, it is not because it were possible otherwise ----because we were real,

And the argument of "How could one be saved and do..," is nuts, because a saved person, can screw up horribly, but a saved person, just does not want to go out and be a Hitler ----it just doesn't happen -----it's the whole stupid, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound -----and the answe is no, it only makes a soundwave, because no one was there to hear it ----and I say, Ahhh Haaa, You Homosapien biggot, because the squirl heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I am not too fond of college brainiacs !!!!!!!!!! )


I did not take it wrong brother, I just wanted to make sure my brother SC did not take it wrong either.