On Christian disagreement

On Christian Disagreement

Yes, Christians disagree on the CONCLUSION… but not on the PREMISE…
at least how my logic see it : )

This is how I see it….

In Logic, there are rules, there is a Premise, and there are Conclusions.
No Premise, no conclusion.
A Premise is an assumption of truth, that is, an assumption.
It has to be taken for granted as truth… why: so as to proceed for the Premise to have a Conclusion.... No premise, No conclusion.

Precisely why I think: a Theist or Atheist is similar as far as the Premise…

They have FAITH in the PREMISE: There is God for the first, and there is none for the latter.

Now, for Christians: we share the same FAITH… or translated to PREMISE as far as logic of man is concerned.

God is Sovereign, God is Just, God is all Wisdom, God is Love, of God’s Grace, of Salvation by death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ….. WE SHARE THE SAME FAITH!

Yes, the disagreement exist on CONCLUSION of the old Calvinism vs. Arminianism debate, of meat and holidays, of hell, of annihilationism or even universalism....

Yes, the CONCLUSION may not be the SAME…. But we share the SAME premise…

And Christians refute each other CONCLUSION, and I think I see no trouble on that....

The trouble, I think, is when one Christian refute the PREMISE: Yours is not Sovereign, Yours is not Just, Your is not Wisdom, Your is of no of Love, …..

Ohh….. that is foul… I think... that is the Premise... a COMMON SHARED premise!

In fact, I think it is not even FOUL, it is IRRATIONAL as it is refuting the same FAITH!

We share the same premise… that is, we share the same FAITH!

Just a thought : )
Ok..a bit over my head..but yes, i would agree with that.

I dont get involved in those sorts of debates you mention though. I leave that to bible college nerds.
While I do agree with you in what you said, but there is a lot more than just the basics of Christianity, and that is the entire Word of God.
There are some believers who do not believe that God knows the end from the beginning. They refuse to acknowledge God knew every thought, and every word we would ever speak out of mouths before time began. Not believing this would cause one's "conclusion" to be faulty. There are many who do not believe that when God raised up Jesus Christ from the dead he also raised us also and has made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ. If we do not believe this it also will cause our "conclusion" to be faulty. Any scripture we read and do not believe causes all the other scriptures we believe to be contaminated by things we have refused to believe that are true. It is very hard to tear down fortress's that man has built up within his own mind by wrong conclusions, which were built on things he has refused to believe.