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How can I get the most out of One Chapter a Day?

Read the assigned chapter daily. Then leave a brief, positive comment in the comments section that describes the “nugget of truth” that God dropped into your heart during your reading. Leaving a comment further plants the truth into your won heart and turbocharges your spiritual growth. It also blesses others!

What is your take?
Share the verse that was special to you today and why. Be brief. Read the comments of others. Interact with them. Be encouraging.
Focusing on verses 36-39~ Jesus wasn't interested in patching
up, or preserving an old system. His followers are made new
and filled with the life of His Spirit. Each preserves the other...
new life of the believer, and the Holy Spirit.
VERSE 36-39 stood out to me as well.

Jesus’ illustration of tearing and mending takes us into a first-century tailor shop where a garment is repaired to last for another day. But even the best tailor will discover times when the fabric is so worn that it can’t be repaired; the only option is to make a new garment. It may be patterned on the old one in many ways, but it is new and better too!

Jesus taught that there were parts of the former covenant that would no longer apply in the new one. And if we tried to take pieces of the new covenant and just lay them over the old covenant and try to weave them in, the result would be like a torn garment. The patchwork would be obvious, and it wouldn’t hold. Jesus fulfilled the old covenant and presented us with the new!