Online Ministry And Answers

Hello CFS members. I was having a wee pray tonight (and it is 11pm here in Scotland so off to bed soon) and I was thinking, that there might be more I, and we could do to help those who are struggling in their lives as a Christians at the moment here on CFS. I know we all struggle at times and I've witnessed and received some great help and advice from the members and now friends, here on CFS, some real Godly stuff, but the people I'm talking about, are those who seem to struggle endlessly. It's quite painful to listen to some of the more hard issues especially when I'm not face to face with the individual but I'd love to help in any way I can and I'm sure there are many on CFS who would like to do the same.

As a Christian I know that there is a root to every issue and a key which sets an individual free (the truth) and I don't mean deep counselling as such, but a focused fellowship and prayer to find out the answer from the Lord for that individual. Is this something we could do? God bless and goodnight from Scotland!

Ps: I realise that an individual should receive this type of ministry in their local assembly but I think most of us here on CFS are realistic enough to know, that not all assemblies operate on this level so i hope this might be a good idea for some!