Only Friend I Had Just Dies.....

I became really close with a classmate out here at school. The program started august 2013 and when second semester started is when we got closer.....she was my going out buddy(malls, dancing, shopping outlets etc), homework buddy, sat next to her in every class, texted teacher other about life, issues assignments, laughed together, ate together, and my only friend I had made coming out here to a state where I knew NO ONE.

We just had a spring break, so she went home, and my teacher sends us an email saying she passed away. She went out with friends and her parents found her in her bed the next day fully clothe and slumped over. So she made it back home obviously, then she just died...she wasn't even sleep when she died. I don't know what happened, her parents haven't disclosed that yet.

But right now I'm feeling so torn apart. I've had friends come and go, but I've never had a friend die. It's rare I even make friends especially ones who I connect with on a deep level. We shared the same taste in music, were both adventurous, love God, had morals, responsible, encouraging, and getting our masters degrees in the same field.

I go from, confused, angry, in shock, in denial, to accepting it to so many questions like why? She didn't do anything wrong apart from the occasional imperfect beings we are, was her life not destined to go anywhere after 24? Was there no purpose for her in life after 24? I just don't understand. I feel empty, alone, and I have to walk everyday on campus knowing she isn't gonna be in class, or call me again to hang out, or go shopping with her, and I see everyone else around with their large group of friends and I'm alone again.

I ended all my friendships back at home because they were no good for me and started a fresh start out here for school. I meet this young lady in my program who became more of a best friend than anyone to me and then this happens. Some people tell me it may have just been her time, some say God didn't take her, some say God took her.....

Why did God allow us to become friends knowing she didn't have much longer to live? God allowed me to be one of the last people she met and connect with on a deep level that actually made an impact in her life because she told me "I'm glad I have you" and everywhere she went she always wanted to take me with I feel like I didn't do enough of a job to bring her more to Christ, even though we talked about God and I made sure I backed up my advice to her with scripture, but I should've invited her to church or a bible study with she's gone.


Only God can bring someone to Him and only He knows the heart, so don't feel like you didn't say enough or try hard enough to bring her to Christ. It's hard to lose someone, especially when they are so young and the death is so sudden. I know it doesn't feel helpful at the moment, but God has a plan.

I will be praying for you and the family. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and there are always people on here that are willing to talk if that's what you need.

Where is the Messiah said:
Maybe she only needed 24 years to fulfill her purpose. My condolences.

I agree, God gives everyone a certain amount of time. I remember reading abt this one guy who died after getting saved...and some don't make it past the age of 3, everyday is not guaranteed. .. but Im really sorry for your loss, God says his ways are hogher than ours and his thoughts aren't our thoughts....
You said she loved God so im sure she is with Him having the time of her life... even though you miss'll see her again. :)

EDIT: where's reply brings Anne Frank to mind, although she died young..she accomplished more than most people. .my dad's fifty and still struggling... but bc of her optimism in the very bleakest situation...she got her wish. To go on living after her death. And all she did was write and be as happy as she could be..and now she has a statue and the admiration of many... God has a different destiny for everyone :) i think we can accomplish whatever he wanted us to do with the time He gives us, even if its just accepting Him as Lord and savior over our lives.
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You ask why did God allow you to become friends with her... if you were going to die at 24, wouldn't you have wanted a friend like your life? Because of all the happiness, comfort and joy she'd bring?

Its not the length but life in youre yrs.