Original Works Song Book


By Sue J Love

I have always loved music. I have been singing since I was a small child. I majored in music education my first time around in college many, many years ago. Yet, other than putting a melody to one of my poems in 1984, I had never before written songs.

My husband kept encouraging me that I should write songs, since the Lord Jesus wakes me every morning with a spiritual song or hymn playing in my mind, formerly only written by others, (but now including the songs he has given me to write, too). Yet I kept telling my husband that song writing was not my gift.

The Lord Jesus has been having me write out what he teaches me each day from my times with him in his word, and he has had me posting the writings on various websites for the past nearly seven years, and he nearly always includes a song or two with my daily devotions with him each day. Yet, I just did not imagine he would have me write songs.

Nevertheless, beginning April 6, 2011, the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a new gift, the gift of writing songs. He gave this gift to a clay vessel, i.e. I am a work in progress and writing songs is something I am learning to do. I began writing them by hand. Then I learned how to use a song writing package. Next, I learned how to save them into a file to be shared publicly, and then I learned how to put the files together on a site where they could be shared and heard publicly. So, this has been a work in progress, and still is.

The songs are not professionally recorded, with the exception of one, “For Our Nation,” which was recorded in Nashville, TN, this past October of 2012.

The songs are about God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit; about Jesus Christ and his gospel of salvation, and are songs of praise and adoration to him, my Savior, Lord and King; of encouragement and hope; of exhortation and edification; of prayer and devotion; of revival and renewal; and of what it means to be his servants and witnesses.

God gives me the tunes to write and then I pray for the words. I pray, “Lord Jesus, if this tune is from you, and you would be pleased to give your servant words to go with this tune, I pray you will do so. In Jesus’ name I pray these things. Amen.” And, he either puts the words directly in my mind, or he leads me to a passage of scripture, and then he shows me what words go with what notes. So, the songs are from Him, beginning to end. So, all praise, honor and glory belong to God for what he has done through this clay vessel.

Note: All passages of scripture, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION: Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

A compilation of the song lyrics for the first 120 “Original Works” songs, called “Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs,” and subtitled “Original Works Song Book,” in addition to an alphabetically organized index of all the songs, can be downloaded (free) at this link: http://originalworks.info/original-works-song-book-introduction/