Orthodox priest may win $25 million for his scientific discovery

Orthodox priest may win $25 million for his scientific discovery

Ukrainian priest Vasily Simulik is among applicants for the $25 million prize announced by the British tycoon and scientist Richard Branson for the person to come up with a viable idea to prevent global warming.

This year, a 60-year-old priest of a church in the Poltava region finished his study “The Theory of the Origin of Nature,†according to Friday issue of the Ukrainian Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.
In his study, he determines the formula of gravitational attraction of initial atoms, and develops the design of a thermonuclear reactor for reacting atomic hydrogen particles.
“I have found out, that H-atoms reacting in absolute cold vacuum release heat better than helium,†says Fr Vasily.
He sent his paper to Branson, a founder and owner of the company involved in research and development of innovative technologies in studying the outer space.
“I received a notification from London that my study had been accepted. To tell you the truth, I was not expecting this. I don’t need money; I just want to help humanity in its attempt to prevent climate changes. I consider physics as a hobby,†said the
According to the newspaper, teachers of physics had far-reaching plans for him. But in spite of their anticipations, Vasily went to study to Kiev Institute for Foreign Languages where he perfectly mastered English and French, and eventually decided
to join the seminary and become a priest.
Fr Vasily plays five musical instruments and composes rock-ballads.


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