Our Awesome God

5/25/11: I was sitting on the sofa this evening, spending some quiet time alone with God before I went to bed, and I was asking him to speak to my heart whatever he might want to say to me. The words to one of the Psalms began going through my mind about praising God, so I walked over, sat at the keyboard, and the Lord gave me this song about praising our awesome God. As the Lord gave me the words, I sang them back to him in worship and in praise. The words read just like a conversation, which I was having with my Lord in which I was thanking him for who he is and for all that he has done for us in saving us and in providing us with the Holy Spirit to be our comforter and our counselor.

Our Awesome God / An Original Work / May 25, 2011

I praise and adore You, Father,
I worship and praise You, Lord.
You are such an awesome God,
Who loves us so much, You implore
Us to follow You each moment
Of the days we have on earth,
So that we might live forever
With You, ‘cause of our new birth.

I praise and adore You, Jesus.
You died on a cruel tree,
So that we might be forgiven
Of our sins; You set us free
To love and obey You only,
While we bow on bended knee,
As we humbly walk before You,
Serving freely; You to please.

I praise and adore You, Spirit,
You came in to live with me.
Jesus sent You to abide
Within us, and our comfort be.
You guide and direct and counsel
Us in all of our God’s ways,
So that we can live for Jesus,
To follow Him all our days.