Our God is the Greatest

I live the night sky if it is clear I am out side looking to the heavens. God created the heavens. Our sun is about 150 million km or 93 million miles for earth. The light from the sun take 8min 19 sec to get to earth. If we had to put earth next to each other across the sun diameter it would be 109 earths(1.3 million earth to full the sun). Our sun is just a normal star, that is it is not a big star.

Light travels at 186 miles/sec or 300 000 km/sec so one light year is 9,460,730,472,580.8 km or 5,878,625,373,183.608 miles our milky way galaxie is 100 000 light years in dia. So it is big and their is a lot of galaxies out there and our God know them bye NAME every ONE.

Know the part that blows my mine is he knows ME and YOU and loves ME and YOU and knows how many hairs is on how head, when we stand or sit. All I say after that is thank goodness he is my GOD.
It's amazing to realize that if we got into a spaceship and went tearing along at the speed of light, we would grow old and die long before we would reach the edge of the galaxy. It would take 4 years just to get to the closest star next to our sun. And if we ever did manage to reach the edge of the galaxy, countless other galaxies would glitter far, far away in the vast cosmos. It is staggering to realize that God made all of that. This is an indication of the magnitude of the God we serve. And yet, just as you say, Clearskies, we are not lost in that vastness, but are known intimately.