Our Hope

I live outside of my home country. Most years now I get at least one trip home. I look forward to going home. I know I will get to see my family. I know that some of the things that I grew up with will be there in the shops, the familiar tastes and smells. Before I go home, they are future things that I know will happen. In biblical language, these things are my ‘hope’ of home. They are good things I know I will get in the future.

For those who come into the kingdom of God, the future things we know will happen is our ‘hope’. These include knowing Jesus fully face to face and living with no more tears, loss, sickness or pain.

Sometimes I can get very comfortable where I live. I can forget about home and its hope because I’m so comfortable where I am and I have lots invested where I am. I have spent years living year, made friends and established new patterns for life.

It does make me wonder if I get too comfortable in this world. Sometimes, when the weather is warm, the beach looks gorgeous and I’m completely at peace, life is so good in this world that it is hard to imagine that our future hope is better.

Then sometimes things go wrong. It took almost three years to get a copy of my marriage certificate and every time I went to the government building to find out what is going on I longer for home with its smooth and efficient government processes.

It makes me think of when tragedy strikes people in this world. Somebody dies and all our past loss comes to the fore. We have to reconnect to our biblical hope. We long to be there and be reunited with our loved ones.

It leaves me wondering how often I forget the hope we have. It leaves me asking myself, am I too comfortable in this world? Have I got so much invested in this world that I don’t look forward to the next world?