Our past and Our present

Our past doesn't matter,if our present is better.The story of my life isn't complete,in the first page of the book of my life,as every pages of the book of my life,sums up,to the complete story,of my life.You can't get full understanding of my life, from the first page of the book,neither by reading,just the last page.But,if the last page,described me,a good person,then I'm a good person,irrespective of how bad,the first page, might have described me.'Once,I was lost but now,I'm found',isn't that,a good story,with a happy ending?
What I want us to understand,is that,our past are stages,preparing us,for the future.Nothing comes out good,that was not broken,crushed,or even passed,through fire.We should learn to celebrate,our new man in Christ and forget our old man,outside Christ.Once a page is done with,it is flipped over,learn to flip over,every pages,you are done with in life and focus on that,which is still fresh and new-your new life,in Christ.