Our Righteousness, Sanctification And Redemption Is Of The Lord

Good evening from Scotland everyone and I do hope you are all well. You've been such a blessing to Sharon and I so hopefully I can repay in kind with a little message tonight, brief as possible....

As a person we are a triune being made up of our own spirit, soul and body and it was so since creation but, we have two natures who seek to govern our lives, the Spirit of God and our fallen flesh. The Word tells us that these are contrary to each other and that the flesh wars against the spirit so how can we be righteous and come boldly before the throne of Grace, because we can you know?

Well understanding we are a truine being with two distinct natures uncovers the teaching.

The Two Natures
God's Spirit - Perfect in him, we are fully right standing, set apart and purchased, 100%
Our Flesh - Dwells NO GOOD THING

Our triune being
Our own Spirit and Soul - being renewed day by day becoming more right standing and set apart
Our physical body - wont be fully right standing, set apart or purchased until the day of glory.

So with all this going on within us, how can we come boldly before the throne of Grace? Well there's only one option, through the perfect spirit of God within you. It doesn't matter how dirty you've become, it doesn't matter how confused, whether you're up, down, back to front, it makes no difference, that Spirit of God which Christ gave you is your righteousness, it is what makes you stand correctly before God so friend never again believe that you cannot, as a child of God, come before your Father. never believe that stinking lie that because you've done wrong that God won't usher you toward his throne. Your righteousness is in Jesus Christ and God's ear is always inclined toward you thoughts and speech and he will accept you, any time, in any way before him!

So in the Lord's Spirit we are righteous
In our own spirit and soul - becoming righteous
In our physical body - will be made righteous

God bless and i hope this small message has been a benefit to some....