The last time I wrote ya'll I was evacuating for IKE.I lost everything,had to change apartments and really felt like Job when chaos entered into his life.As you can guess I did lose my computer.I didn't know computers wanted to take a swim along with my washing machine,dryer,tv,stereo and my 73 bug that I was restoring.All I can say is no storm from the pit of HELL will ever take me out.The word of GOD says that no weapon formed against me can or ever will prosper!! My testimony is I am still here. We need to take authority of the storms in our life and kick the devil in the teeth cause he is a knat on a horses behind he has no victory,JESUS came to give us life and life more abundantly.I have really been blessed through the mess,for instance I had to move upstairs to another apartment cause mine got five and a half feet of water in it.I lost a computer and got an even better computer,lost my tv and stereo and got an even better one.My apartment was just redone before the storm and has all new appliances in it.My car took a swim,in fact it floated around in my garage.I have truly been blessed cause at least I have a place to live which is more than I can say for alot of people.GOD has been doing some awesome things down here.My Church has become a crisis center and we have had over 700 volunteers come from as far as Alaska to help in the recovery effort.Through the storm people that never wanted to hear about GOD are now asking questions and for prayer.You see through the storm everybody is now in the same boat,it doesn't matter if you were well off or if you had a medium income we are all the same in the same situation.Neighbors that would never talk to you are now conversing daily with you.They have a choice be bitter or look up and know that GOD has a plan through it all.Jeremiah 29:11 says I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you not to harm you to give you a hope and a future,our hope is knowing GODS promises.GOD did some major gardening on this little island.I don't know what the future holds but I do know who holds the future.FAITH=fantastic adventures in trusting him.:israel:eek:ur citizenship does not belong here sooo keep looking up.I ask for prayer for all those who have been dislocated that laborers of the harvest would come across their path in JESUS name. I am blessed and highly favored


Wow .... I don't know what to say as this testimony brought tears to my eyes .

Yes God does have a purpose and a plan not to harm us and His ways are higher than our ways .

Thank God that He has brought you through and that all those neibours like you said are all humbled to the same level . He has brought you through so that you can tell those neibours about Jesus Christ and His saving knowledge and you can be a great witness right where you are .

When all this happens we are reminded that material things in this world will just pass away but what we have in the through the Blood of Jesus Christ is the only eternal hope we have . We can rejoice in the fact that He is the lifter of our name and He gives and supplies our every need . He is all we need .

As you depend and rely on Him He will bring you into better and better hopes and dreams ... dreams that you never believed were possible . For all things are possible for them that believe.

Rejoice and be glad as I can see that is what you are doing and you will reap the benefits of God's mercy and grace .

God richly bless you . :groupray::groupray::groupray:
wordjunkie, that is awesome!
The LORD has blessed you and you have given all the credit to the LORD and that is soooo wonderful!! I am so happy you was able to get ost of it back plus better and that you have a place to live and have a wonderful church! May the LORD continue to bless u!
new lease on life

I still don't know what happened to my testimony so try try again.MY name is Mike and I am 46 yrs young.I am a single parent of two,one boy and one girl they are now 18(boy)16(girl)I am an ex-methamphetamine (speed) user I was addicted for 13 yrs and by the grace of GOD I have 17yrs. clean and sober. My wife was the first one to tell me about JESUS and what HE did for the whole world. During the time that she and I were married I was leading a double life on one hand I was the loving husband and on the other I was a needle freak anyway she left cause of a fight that we had and I took the kids to raise.everything was alright until 9-11-01 I had taken my kids to a pizza joint and after dinner I was having some pain in my chest so being a mechanic myself I knew if your car is messed up you take it to the shop. After dinner I decided I was gonna take myself to the E.R. to see whats the deal. So after dinner I went with the kids in tow and waited for the doc. While we were in the examining room my kids were getting bored so I took a latex exam glove and blew it up so they could play volleyball over my bed.The doc came in and hooked me up to a machine that would boggle NASA and told me the nurse would be in to draw some blood cause I was an ex needle freak and they needed a sample,I said thats cool cause I was clean and had been since 1992,the nurse came in which delayed the game over my bed but soon resumed.The doc came in along with the nurse and the nurse took my kids to go get some juice and snacks. What he said next was that he was gonna have to admit me for a few days,my response was great where are my kids gonna go for a few days. I finally found a place for the kids to go and readied my taste buds for hospital food. They took more than just one sample of blood a number of times so fear was really starting to creep in and they ran me through a battery of test.Finally the doc showed up and told me I am sorry to have to tell you this but you have aids and will probably die within six months. It really didn't come as a surprise cause of the way I HAD lived my life. I decided then and there that I was not going out like that,if I was going it was on my terms.I took my son over to a friends house to spend the night and found somewhere for my daughter to go. SHE WOULD NOT LEAVE MY SIDE I know now that that was GOD protecting me. She would not leave my side she said she wanted to stay with Daddy and that was that so after she took her bath and I tucked her in to bed I went outside cause we lived out in the country and screamed and cryed out to the LORD if you are real then show your face and guess what he did ...well kinda ..really I dont know how to explain what happen next but I will try. I started sobbing like a baby and this weight that had been on my shoulders for so long was no longer there and I had an incredible peace that i still can't explain my testimony is I AM STILL HERE (GOD STILL MAKES HOUSE CALLS)with GOD all things are possible