Painting for God

I'm much disillusioned with what forum stuff does for my spirit and 'Painting for God' is my escape route.
I entitle that painting "Walk in the light and view the fruit of the Spirit"
And I entitle this one "The Message of Creation".
And that's because I try to embrace all those who, for whatever reason, never get to hear the Gospel or 'see the Light' other than via the message of Creation as per Romans 1:17-25

morning mists.jpg
And I entitle this painting "In the beginning was the Word".
At exhibitions explaining the motivation behind my paintings is my way of testifying to the greatness of our God.

wow these are amazing!!!!

believe me i tried painting...and i suck lol

u got talents man! God gave it to you...keep it up!
R these your works? Very good sir. You have the "Chili stamp of approval" hehehe God Bless you

Chili out