hello! and thanks for the welcome! I just got activated, and can't wait to dive in! hope to get to know you better!

Hello, Sue!:)

Very nice to meet you!
Welcome to the forum!


thanks for another welcome! I haven't been able to do much posting, it's been a busy week at work, and when I'm home, well, yea it's busy here too :rolleyes:
thank you! I'll be sure to go through that one,, this time of year is especially busy for me,, after Christmas is my time to slow down, and hopefully get busy on here, I am currently in a bible study that happens Wednesday evenings at our church, and occassionally I have questions or comments after that.

we got snow today!! woohoo!! :dance:
Hi Sue.... Now I am gather ing that you must be from around the Sudbury region as thankyou very much ... we did not get any snow and you can keep it ..... LOL and Woo Hooo to you too..... I hate snow cause I have to shovel it.

Anyways, welcome and God bless.