Parents fight over which gang a toddler should join

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they can't decide which gang this 4 year old should join.

I pray God's blessings over this child.

My first reaction is disbelief, then anger.....
but I realize what we really need to do is pray for these young parents!

May they find Christ~

What a sad and desperate state of affairs.
How awful that they are that indoctrinated into this lifestyle that they cant see what they are doing.
May God have mercy on therm.
Send workers into the fields Lord.


One of the saddest things I have noted is a generation with no compass. They think it is normal and acceptable to go to jail, cuss, fight, shack up etc. God can and will save us from these things but the point is that many think this is how they are supposed to live life. Very sad.

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In a substantial number of households these days, children have NO parental role models, no parental discipline, no parental teaching of right and wrong, no parental CARING about their children and no parental love; as if the children are nothing more than by-products.

OH -did that word 'parental' come up more than once here?

It is the PARENTS who are the determining factor as to exactly WHAT will become of their children. And where are these 'parents' while their children are growing up and looking for 'mommy' or 'daddy'...??? Crack houses, taverns, involved in infidelity or sleeping all the time while the welfare checks and food stamps roll in every month.

Ask yourself, "What kind of role model are THOSE 'parents' ???" And then look at your OWN family and thank God that YOU did things differently.
Why would anyone in their straight mind put a FOUR year old BABY in a Gang?

Gangs kill, gangs are dangerous!

This generation is absolutely crude.
Yeah I heard about this on my favorite radio station where they were discussing the funny news healines of the day. How does a reporter even find this story? I mean, yeah, I laughed, but when seriously thinking about it, hopefully someone can show that kid that the Christians are the top gang. Homies look best in white anyways.

This story reminded me alot of that girl who sat on her boyfriends toilet seat and never moved for two years. People crack me up. :D


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if you send gang songs over tv ,video,and music,guess what you get gangs.not rocket science.if you fill the tv with rape,etc,guess what you get more rapes.freedom to do anything is brilliant until you start corrupting your own children.:eek: