What is it?
What does it mean
When someone says what is your passion?

Is it that you like to read?
Is it that you like to write?
Is it that you like to fish?
Is it that you like to hunt?

What is it?
What does it mean?

Is it that you have a passion
For one another?
What does that passion entail?
How does one define passion
In a relationship?

Is it only passion
During those steamy moments
When the clothes
Slowly drop to the floor?

Can it be passion
In just a glance?
In just a kiss?
Can it be passion
In just a whisper?

What is it?
What does it mean?

Do we all only have one passion?
Do we all have many?

Is it only passion
When bodies are writhing together
In ectasy?

Take a moment
Take the time
Find your passion
Is it deep in your mind?
Is it deep in your soul?

What is it ?
What does it mean?

Is it realizing that life is so short
and could slip away any day
and we need to take all the passion
we have and take hold
Enjoy what life has to give us

What is it ?
What does it mean?

You answer it for yourself..
You and only you
Hold the key to your:


December 1, 2005

One of my poems written in the past.
Wow, Faithwoman!
That was really beautiful! You are a poet with Passion!

I find that my passion is to know more about God. He is the one I think about more than anything. I love sharing what He has done in my life. At work and with all my friends. My husband thinks I have gone off my rocker. He doesn't understand my passion. I am glad I found this forum to pursue it even more.

God bless you and yours. Can we hear more poems?
Free Rent

Thanks so much!

Here is one:

Free Rent

I'm telling you
You can all just go away
There is no room
In my condo head
For your negativity

I have chosen to only have
room for my sanity

You all have done enough damage
The amount that I allowed

It was a free ride for so long
and caused so much damage to me

I was weak then
But now I am strong

For I have shown you
You will not be allowed back in
Because I am claiming victory

Oh I wasted so much time
first loving you then hating you and all of you
and the whole time the world was waiting for me

Thank goodness the bill has been paid
and the light came on
and out you went

In came my life back
and my Sanity

August 23, 2005

Agreed! You do have a gift!
Thanks Nathi and all,

I realize my writing is a gift. The odd thing is I can sit down in front of the computer and type one out in about 5-10 minutes!

Here is a link to where some of my writings are. I have written articles for the Empowered Recovery site as well

Robin's Realm

Have a super day everyone!
Thanks! Your welcome!

It is funny how the thoughts just come to my mind.. and then I sit down and start to type them out..

Intersesting enough, now that I look back at some of them, I can really see the Lord in them.. even though the majority of them was when I was healing from a relationship.

Have a super day all!