Pastor Was Sick, But We Were Able To Hold Service In My Grandma's House :)

Like I said my pastor is pretty sick, she was recovering but had a set back.. she had a seizure this morning so... my brother who's a minister in well as the other young people in our church . As ministers in training our pastor teaches us and helps us develop and use our gifts... anywho today my brother filled in for her and he was preaching abt having no excuses... basically if we are truly christians we represent God and cannot continue sinning and that we're held to a higher standing.... anyway the kicker is, I thought it was just gonna be me and my brothers b/c .. when my pastor told my brother to preach it was short notice bc the seizure happened either in the morning or last night.... and our other members couldn't make it out where we were so we just tried to calle em so they could listen to the message...... anywhooooo back to the kicker ....

a lady popped in, as my bro was preaching :) and she sat in and listened... my brother prayed for her and after service was over my brother asked her what brought her here.... and she said ... something told her to just go.. and that she originally came to get plastic bags from my grandma lul. So I thought that was neat ...

I really don't post much in this section...but that doesn't mean nothing has been happening lol just been lazy ..guess I'll catch you guys up ;

Either december or january, my church went to a pantry and we helped deliver food to peoples cars and prayed for them

on valentines day I was able to talk to a girl at a bus stop who was struggling alot at home and pray for her

another day our minister in training was preaching on sharing the gospel... and when my brother and i were going to walmart we thought that was the perfect oppurtunity(I can't spell..tragic XD) but im pretty shy but I just thought, If I truly believed that I can do all things through christ, I would go and tell people abt him...and we did... that was pretty fun..just going up to randoms telling them abt christ.

....I have some more...but im getting tired of typing XD .. so I guess when my testimonies build up I lay em all out here during another blue moon lol ^^

little flower

Dear pancakes,

I just want to let you know that you are so cute!
Whenever I read a post of yours, I am touched and cannot help but smile.
Thank you for sharing your sweet adventures! They make me feel happy. :)

Love, little flower