Paul on Mc Idol Meat

Paul on Mc Idol Meat

*** Please Observe the McDonald's Boycott - Here's Why ***

If the ethical behavior of a company isn’t regulated or considered legislatable.
If the CEO sees only profit as his job, the role of fiduciary being insurmountable.
Then we must hold ourselves as investors and customers, as finally accountable.

A company or corporation is a “legal person” and behaves as an entity.
But it is just a collection of people, and it’s behavior is not abstract, but an extension of society.
So how do we ensure that companies behave with virtue and responsibility?

Indeed many groups already have bent the corporate will to their cause.
Punishing companies at the store who fail to support their views and justify their flaws.
And every customer, to some extent subsidizes it, let this give every Christian pause.

What can be done? For isn’t consumer or investor activism a futile waste of time?
Standing up for what is right is never wrong, let no one think of a boycott as a crime.
Insist your mutual funds vote their shares for corporate virtue, investing not a dime.

We have a putative choice, and are not compelled to render our resources to the beast.
But when we choose to ignore or reward the misdeeds of companies, how can we be released?
The chains of sin have been cut off, but can we be blind to how our brother’s guilt increased?

So buy not the idol meat: products which fund the promotion of deviant iniquity.
Nor use the services of companies which fund the beast with proud ubiquity.
And finance not their works with either loan or bond or equity.

Only when the loss of sales or cost of capital causes companies to lament
Will the shareholder and consumer demands be heard for companies to repent.
But until such day, have a clear conscience, and contribute not a single red cent.

Indeed, it is not the product, security, or meat which commends or defiles.
It is the indirect support for apostasy, rendered on exchanges and in shopping aisles,
Especially for companies which stand in the service of him who beguiles.

For you cannot drink the cup of both the Lord and the Devil.
Yea, the proliferation of the unholy communion has reached an unprecedented level.
So let what you consume and invest in give God glory and cause to revel.
Really surprised I haven't gotten any responses on this one. I thought this would be a bit more controversial.

Is everyone else in favor of the AFA McDonald's boycott? Over in no one seemed to agree that we should observe Paul's exhortation to avoid idol meat.
I stopped eating at McDonalds a long time ago when I found out their beef was “USDA Grade Edible”

I look at it as a personal choice, not a boycott.
Mc Donalds Boycott

I haven't heard anything about it.

The American Family Association, an organization which calls attention to some of the more egregious assaults on family values in this country, recently called for a boycott of McDonalds for their increasing corporate support for homosexual activism.

The previous boycott on Ford, for the same thing, drew over a million who pledged not to buy a Ford until they changed course. That boycott ended recently, as Ford has backed away (not in word but in apparent deed) from such corporate affiliations.

Boycott McDonald's - A Project of American Family Association
AFA calls for McDonald's boycott (


I rarely visit them anyway but I do not support businesses who push such actions down the throats of their employees. Having worked with a few gay people I found them hard working and deserving of respect but not of special privilege. They are precious in Jesus eyes and need to be saved but no corporation has the right to dictate acceptance of an abberant lifestyle to it's employees.
Gay Friends

Yes I too know a few, and the point of the boycott is not to harass gay people. It is to confront the sin (not the sinner) and to discourage the active promotion of the sin in society - which is what corporations do when they become sponsors of gay pride events, buy advertisements in gay media or on television programs which promote the gay political agenda.
I understand boycotts; have participated in quite a few but just heard about this one yesterday. I have taken my son there to play in their playland almost every weekend (rainy days of course) but NO longer. I would get a coffee for mom and myself, a yogurt for my son and we would let him play. I truly believe that McDonalds is not the ONLY one who supports and encourages sin, there is no other way to state it, but I strongly believe that we have to start somewhere in making our voices heard in the marketplace...

Thanks for posting this Daniel...I guess the Thread title was a little unclear... McDonald's Boycott would have caught my eye better.:p fyi

Blessings to you


The biggest problem I see with these corporations is their efforts to force other employees to agree with that lifestyle. You can work with someone and be respectful without condoning the way they choose to live- and America is not a dictatorship we we order people to conform.
The biggest problem I see with these corporations is their efforts to force other employees to agree with that lifestyle. You can work with someone and be respectful without condoning the way they choose to live- and America is not a dictatorship we we order people to conform.

Exactly. But that's not enough for those who want to promote the homosexual agenda. Jesus warned the church of Thyatira not to tolerate the teaching of the ordained minister Jezebel, who was encouraging Christians to take a relaxed view of the immoral sexual practices and idolatry which was being promoted in the workplace (Rev2).

The spirit of Jezebel of Thyatira, and by extension her namesake - the priestess of Baal, has clearly made inroads into our society and even into many churches, which promote the same "relaxed" views.