People Of Different Faiths.

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I just have a question. So I have friends that are of different faiths and some who are Christian (Orthodox,Catholic..) but don't really live the lifestyle. I don't mean to judge them when I say they don't really live the lifestyle because I use to do the same things they did too. But now that I've decided to turn my life towards Christ more how do I separate myself from them. I don't want to be mean or rude or disrespectful but how do I separate myself. Next year I'll be rooming with two Muslim guys of African descent who know I pretty well and know that I am christian and don't have any problem with it. They are respectful and other than our differences in faith we get along pretty well. I just need advice on how to keep away from the distractions that will keep me away from Christ. I know telling them about Christ and his saving grace is an option but I just don't think that some of them will change because they've lived that lifestyle for so long and it kind of makes me sad. Any advice will help. Thanks and God bless you.


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Telling only means something if you are living what you claim. I don't think I would try to convert them, but I would definitely recommend that you live according to your convictions. Remember, they are seeking truth.

I'm reminded of a story of a church in Turkey or some other most-Muslim country. It is a Christian church, and one that shouldn't be there. Like many such situations, there are extremists that would do them harm. It's fairly easy to understand why. If your belief is that each conversion creates a new enemy destined for Hell, then the fear and hatred becomes very understandable. However, this church is actively protected by the local Islamic people because they respect them. Not because they sat in their little corner and stayed very, very quiet, but because they are actively doing good, feeding the poor, helping the needy and sick. In fulfilling their genuine calling to God, they were also fulfilling the requirements that Islam respects so they have been allowed to coexist in an area where Christian's are often reviled and persecuted.
Well the answer is simple: be a 'sanctified' example. As a 'Christian' nowadays the term is so loosely thrown around people don't think much about it-or take the title seriously (like when US pop culture stars 'praise Jesus' after winning an award for creating a Paganistic song/video/art/movie).

Walk in the Light and Love of Christ; 'be in the world-but not of the world'. You are 'Daniel' in that situation.

So in your situation I assume that it is a bit more tense; where in parts of the world the term 'Christian' might just get you a dirt nap...