Perception Of Christian Men

So I have a thought that bugged me in college. I feel that Christian men are often looked upon as weak. I wasa college football player, I also boxed, and rode bulls as well in school. What do you guys think about this perception I have sometimes found myself agreeing with it to a degree. Do you think that sometimes Christian men come off as weak? If not why is there somewhat of perception then, and if yes then why should men of strength be perceived this way?
That depends on your definition of "strength". Jesus Christ preached strength through peace-overcoming evil with good-not physically outgunning your opponent. Christ taught 'meekness' (humility) not pride. Christ taught that the 'meek' will inherit the earth. Christ taught that a true leader is a servant.

So how do you define strength? Is choosing to follow Christ a weakness? Or is it the ultimate power to walk every step in His way...
I would say true strength is abandonment and dedication. Defining strength based on physical accomplishments is dumb for a variety or reasons. Example whos stronger the guy who runs 15 miles or the man who squats 700 pounds? It's a dumb perception. Plus the body will eventually die and but the spirit lives on forever it's much better to focus and serve spiritually then it is to train yourself physically unfortunately that is a lesson that took a long time for me to learn.

By giving up everything to follow God and being recklessly abandoned towards him that is how we find true strength. My questions are more or less raised by how we perceive what is to be a Christian nowadays. This illustrates it best in my eyes.

I've been thinking on this for a while along with personal experience of people one example i will give to help illustrate this is we used to serve food downtown in the Ghetto to homeless people. I had a lot of friends that would go and never come back or never go in the first place because they were scared of getting shot or something like that. I'm starting to wander how much of what Francis Chan said is true of us as Christians nowadays. I have seen people of faith who have abandon everything for God's will such as that pastor currently in the Iranian prison Saed I believe is his name ( I'll find the reference if you like me too.) I have begun to question just exactly how we are perceived to be living and what God really expects of us. I have begun to question myself and others. Though I'm trying to say on the line of self-reflection and accountability and not crossing over into being judgmental. Obviously nothing saves but faith alone, but my faith that is in my heart must be reflected on my deeds in the outside as stated in James.