~ Personal Witness ~

Trust And Obey

Account Closed
~ Personal Witness ~

The word angel in prophecy is a symbol for human messengers,
leaders, and church members. The angels are represented as
flying in the midst of Heaven. They are preaching a message
of warning to the people living in the last days of this earth.
Noone hears the voice of these angels...they are a symbol to
represent the people of Yah who are working with Heaven.
*We are given Light by the Spirit of Yah/God, and Sanctified
[made holy] through the Truth.

Just as in the "Great Command", the three angels' messages
strongly challenges us to take the Gospel to every person on
this earth. Our mission is to Witness to the world.
*The Church Is People Who Are Called To Be Witness.
We All have been gifted in some way so we can be what we
are called to be--Disciples (followers) always prepared to talk
about the Hope that is ours. {1Peter 3:15}

Yahshua/Christ has promised the gift of the Holy Spirit
to His followers. Yah/God's people today need the
leading of the Holy Spirit if they want to be succcessful
in their outreach to others.
*We Need To Make Sure That We Have A Living
Relationship With Yah, Or We Cannot Hope To
Lead Others To That Experience.