Please help me keep a vicious murderer in prison

Hello everyone. If ever I needed some help, it's now. As some people know, my aunt and unborn cousins were murdered 30 years ago by her husband, a deputy sheriff in Big Bear Lake, CA. The murder was very gruesome and horrendous in nature. Despite being sentenced to 75 years with an earliest parole date of 2036, he has been granted eligibility for parole for this year! If he is released, he will have served only ten years for each of his victims.

Governor Jerry Brown will be making the final decision about whether or not he will be granted parole, and our only hope of keeping him incarcerated is in Jerry Brown's hands. My family and I have written a petition to persuade him to deny parole to my murderous uncle. Please sign it and have your friends and families sign it. It will mean so much to me and my family!

If you choose to help, just click this link and follow the instructions.

Thank you so much for the help!