Please list your favorite Thanksgiving Meal and Gathering

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Please list your favorite Thanksgiving Meal and Gathering

I realize that Thanksgiving is not celebrated worldwide, but for those persons who do honor the Day, regardless of the date, please recap your favorite Thanksgiving type meal and gathering plans. Please include recipes and cooking methods if you wish.

Last year we were planning on a very special day, but due to an open air fire ban in the National Forest just a bit north of us, we were unable to accomplish our goals. However, this year, barring new complications, we are going to try again.

So, we are planning on being outdoors in a wilderness area in Northern Wisconsin near our Cathedral of the Pines location. This area is so remote and unpopulated that on a still day, we can hear chainsaws from 20 miles away. We will have three or four Oak, Birch and Maple cooking fires going with cast iron cooking pot racks and holders along with a temporary firebrick oven that we construct for the day.

We will be cooking wild game turkeys harvested locally and already in the freezer, sweet potatoes, Russett mashed potatoes, cranberries harvested by hand about a mile from our location, freshly baked wheat bread, fresh peas, stewed tomatoes, turkey gravy, several pumpkin pies made from pumpkins grown by one of our volunteers locally and some freshly baked Granny Smith apples.

We do this once every 5 years or so and have to dress warmly because the temperatures have been averaging 22 to 25 degrees F. It is a nice gathering of friends and family and we enjoy the crisp late autumn winds in the towering White Pines high above, the smells and crackling sounds from the cooking fires, a little snow in the air, the sounds of the forest animals, the sounds of the geese flying south for the winter and the friendly, happy voices of our group rejoicing in the location and rejoicing while we work in God's kitchen. It is reminiscent of some of the very first Thanksgiving celebrations held in the eastern USA over 500 years ago.

The last time that we did this celebration, we were fortunate enough to see a doe white tail deer and her yearling fawn come down to the lakeshore for a drink about 30 yards from our group. We also had several grey squirrels and chipmunks 'help' us clean up the bread crumbs at days end. We are always grateful to gather in God's country and honor Him in this celebration of friendship and Thanksgiving.

May God bless.
The highlight of our Thanksgiving is the morning of the hunt.
We harvest our own turkey, I'll head out with my kids early in the morning the weekend of the 23rd and try for a nice big Tom. There is still lots of corn on the ground from harvest, so they will be abundant, fat, and tasty!

Each year I deep fry our turkey. First I inject it with a special solution of lemmon juice with garlic juice and other spices, and deep fry it in peanut oil in a large outdoor cooker. (Very moist and yummy!)

We have a ham in the freezer that will be glazed, with pineapple slices and baked to a shiny reddish brown. (My mouth is watering as I type this.) :p

The Mrs. will prepare the fixins, mashed taters, corn, dressing, sweet potato's, she makes the candied ones with the glaze and marshmellows melted on top.

The girls will bake the pies, pumpkin (a must) and apple. We just made 4 gallons of wine, a white chardonet, a grape concord, blueberry, and dandilion. They are delicious and will go well with dinner.

Family and friends will gather here as always. We will walk up to the church and share a worship service, giving all thanks and praise to God for such abundant blessings. Then eat, laugh, take pictures, eat some more, ...

I just love Turkeyday.

One of my very favorite holidays.


Like I told you last year , Pastor . That sounds wonderful and wish I could be there .

The dinner sounds scumptious and it will taste even better outdoors and my favourite , pumpkin pie is there as well .

1st the kids go to the forest and get huge bouquets of coloured leaves and other wild flowers and place them on the fireplace and at the front door of the house.

I don't cook thanksgiving dinner any more but go to my brother's place four hours form here and travelled on the train .

We also have all the fixins as you would say ... turkey , cranberries and my sisterinlaw makes three kinds ... one baked in the oven , one with raw ingredients all ground up and the traditional one.

We had mashed pototoes,corn , squash , green beans , gravy and stuffing .

We then had my favourite pumpkin pie . So traditionally ours is the same only on a different date.

After dinner we have a time of sharing , God's goodness and each of us tellls about His love during the year and then says something nice about the person sitting next to us and we read a Bible verse that is at our place.

So to all my American Neibours .... I wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving and give God thanks for His bountiful provision.