Please pray for us

Please pray for us


My name is Eddy. I am a young Christian in Scotland. Having spent 9 of the last 18 months in Pennsylvania, I have fallen in love with a beautiful young woman there. We both work and live at a Salvation Army ran Summer Camp in season and when we got there in May we very quickly became extremely close friends. After three weeks we became a couple and have been in love ever since. I had to leave the USA last month and am going back to spend Christmas with her and her family - with whom I am also very close - in a couple of weeks. I have looked forward to nothing but getting back to her since I left, and we had been getting on brilliantly whilst we have been apart; completely in love and missing each other very much.

However, three days ago, she dropped the bombshell that her relationship with me has gotten in the way of her relationship with God and so we are on the backburner as it were. I am so afraid. I love her so much and know that she loves me, but I'm terrified that she will take some sign from God to be a sign that we were not made for each other when I am so sure that we were.

I pray that God validates her love for me and mine for her. Please help. I'm shattered and weak.


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I will pray that God give you spiritual discernment to know the right thing to do. God will reveal if this relationship is from Him or not. You just keep praying and knowing that God knows what is right for His children. Always remember, God is in control. Knowing that God sees things that we cannot see, His grace is sufficient for us. Ask God to strengthen you while you wait for the answer from Him.

God bless,