Please pray



Please pray

Please pray for my friend, long story made short

My friend Joe and i grew upo togeteher and got in a lot of trouble together, his dad, Scott, became to me more of a friend than Joe, after i became a believer me and Joe drifted, yet his dad kept hiring me to remodel his basment, 2 bathrooms, etc...he treats me as a son.

When Scott's daughter was 6 yrs old he was on his knees praying for her, the Lord healed her. Since then he has not sought the Lors, from what i gather, he was raised catholic and has a bad taste in his mouth. The Lord gave me oppourtunities to wittness to him and i think that maybe he's been listening. He believes Jesus is God, but hasn't surrendered his life to him. His wife just lost her mom. Now their daughter 29 is back in the hospital several surgeries later in her life. Her stomach wasn't absorbing the brain fluid aanymore, so they put the shunt in the oherside of her brain in now it is drainging into her hear, in a ventrical right above it. This was a big operation. When she was 6 they moved around all of her organs to drain into her stomac. 3 months ago they were replacing the shunt in her head beause the fluid wasn;t draining, now they realize the problem is that the stomach wouldn't absorb the fluid somehow (i'm not sure i fully understand what's going on).

So his daughter is back in the hospital recovering from a major surgery, but she's 'not as responsive as we'd like,' Scott sounded pretty shaken up (this is a guy who wouldn''t let you know it until you talked to him long enough and heard it in his voice), i don't know how bad she is. i reminded him that there's no way to the Father but through Jesus, and that he needs to go to him. He said he knew that but said 'you're pretty good at prayin,' i told him that Jesus answers prayers and that he had answered his before, i told him that he needs to be on his knees right now, he said 'believe me, i am.' I told him he needs to seek His Face and not just His hand.

I know only Jesus is the answer, that all glory belongs to Him and is His for any answered prayer, and that He is the only One who can help Him, and He will answer any prayer He decides to. I ask that you pray for this family and may the Good Lord work mightily in this situation to bring these hearts and lives to Himself. May God change their hearts, draw them and may they be His. I pray His Grace is at work in them, their hearts are soft right now, may He woo them to Him, In Jesus' Sovereign Name.

We are all in His hands, may He stir a great spirit of prayer and may He be pleased and glorified in answering them and may He bring more lost sheep home

God bless you in Christ