I'm really getting into the Bayless Conley podcasts called "Answers".

I just love the fire in the words that he spits out! It's great to hear. He speaks with authority, as a man of God, never criticizing or hating...but with love and understanding. Jesus is with him, I know.

Anyway - I'm wondering if anybody else out there has favorite podcasts that they listen to that share the joys of our God.

I'd highly recommend "Answers", but I'd like some more ideas on what to listen to.

I'm not really into anger-preaching (preachers screaming at their listeners and speaking only of God grinding our bones to dust, that kind of thing). I really enjoy messages of hope and love.



Ipod, I don't even want a cell phone- LOL ,Can I listen on line D?
I don’t know if I would call it a pod cast or not, but I think my favorite one to listen to is Pastor James Brandt. He’s from Michigan and you can listen to, or download all of his sermons from September 2005 to present. I like him a lot and the way he preaches/teaches. He tells it like it is. I forget which sermon it was but he flat out tells the congregation where the door is if they don’t agree with him. I check some of the things he says, and it’s straight from the Bible, tell it like it is preaching. You can download for free or order the CD’s for the price of shipping. He just wants to get the word out, not make money.

I like Chip Ingram too.

A link to Pastor Brandt’s site is below.

Thanks for the suggestion, Who Am I. I love listening to these on my long drives. Especially when a local country radio station promotes themselves as "family-oriented" and then plays songs that glorify excessive intaking of alcoholic beverages.:p

Bo - yeah, you can download the podcasts onto your computer and listen to them later on. If you have broadband, go ahead and download itunes. It'll be a player for your downloads and keeps things organized. Be warned, it's a HUGE file download.

Otherwise, there should be a link in the podcasts that say something like "if you don't have itunes, click this link".

My favorites come from godsipod.com

Cheers (with kool-aid, of course)!:cool: