Poem#1 The waiting after Planting

Poem#1 The waiting after Planting

Genesis 21, Matthew 13:44

Between the Promise to Abraham & Sarah of a Son was the Waiting

For which none really understand like they did as they aged in years

Because they couldn’t see what God knew before them

What the world calls barren God sees different in the waiting

For ears to hear the Words that delivered the promise given

Waiting for the Belief to kick in of the changing of the mind

God’s never early never late in bringing in the harvest He promised

As every seed planted waits for other seeds to grow until full bloom

Like the seed of Isaac to harvest in time for the meeting at the well

Abraham’s only Son was to be sacrificed parallels with that of Jesus

So was the road mapped in planting of the fields for that of treasure

That grows the family tree of Jesus in time to be the Passover Lamb

The God that planted the seed of Isaac put in motion planting Jacob

God knows even as we’re waiting for God’s seeds to grow the timing

So that every seed grows in time for the next planting towards Jesus

So when Abraham and Sarah only thought of their age in the Waiting

God already knew of the harvest that awaited in the found Treasures

The field that will be ready to harvest in the hearts that Believe

Even while we’re waiting for the Promise God’s given us in Faith

We’re given righteousness into our account in Believing of Jesus

The Wind of the Holy Spirit blows our seeds into making Disciples