Poem#29 Chains & Forgiveness

Poem#29 Chains & Forgiveness

Romans 1:28 & 2, Luke 18:10, John 9:39, Psalm 23

So many have forgotten where they’ve come from

Or just maybe they’ve never left their chains behind

Even after proclaiming to know God yet never set free

Those belonging to Jesus Christ know They don’t deserve

Not because of being ashamed of their past, but being Saved

It’s never been about being condemned, it’s always Jesus

Sooner or later will know showing up in Fancy suites on Sunday

While still having a heart dressed in filthy rags won’t save you

Just like the Pharisee & the tax collector found out in Luke 18:10

How many times did Jesus try telling the Pharisees & to us

That the Proud won’t be able to see the way the Humble See

It’s why the Pharisees could never see Jesus is God in Isaiah

Don’t be like the Pharisees, don’t be left behind in chains of man

Remember, the Sin we’re to leave behind on the Cross of Jesus

So we can lead others through the Way of Forgiveness

We’re not better then anyone else, We’re all still Sinners

Difference is the chains we’ve left behind & being Forgiven

Knowing Jesus is My Shepherd He Lays Me Down Satisfied