Poem#59 Two Sets Of Christians

Poem#59 Two Sets Of Christians

Mark 10

So many calling themselves Christians while living separately

Apart from Christ, Apart from the Gospel missing Jesus completely

Being so focused on retaining power of the law which is Sin

On the outside looking in on Heaven will be Sinners never believed

While Sinners looking out from Heaven having Believed Jesus is God

Both will have labels of Christian, but only One will be known by Jesus

Christ didn’t walk among us to point out Sin to condemn us to hell

Instead Jesus used Love as a Rope to pull Us out of Sin to Save us

Jesus fulfilled the Law taking back the Power on the Cross

Still some Christians will focus on the Sin not the Forgiveness

Like those Focused on the Day instead of the Lord of the Sabbath

Not seeing Heaven will be full of divorced Sinners

Going to be missing out if we’re still thinking dirty rags still clean

Not even 1000 years is long enough to get clean to get into heaven

Unbelief in the Son of God makes it impossible to be in the book of life

Bannerman Christians will come & go while missing Whosoever

Skipping over John 3:17 & 18 that it’s no longer Sin condemning

After the Death of God’s Lamb on the Cross for All the World’s Sin

Two sets of Christians will before Jesus who was the Lamb now King

One Set will have Changed their Mind so God could change their Heart

One Will be Welcomed into Heaven, the Other Jesus never knew